You always had a special to cheer up Marc after he lost a game and today Barca lost. He sent you a text earlier telling you he was on his way home, so with that you started setting up the stuff. You went to the kitchen and took out the tea pot, filling it up with some water and placed it on the stove. You grabbed your orange skins from

from the cabinet and putting them in the pot to boil with the water. Marc always loved drinking tea when he’s stress out. You ran to the bathroom to start his hot bath. You made sure you added his favorite scented soap and grabbed your iPod connecting it to the dok. You ran down stairs when you heard the front door slam shut. “It’s okay Marc.” Was the first thing you said to to Marc. He pulled you into a tight embrace. You rubbed the back of his neck soothingly. “I can’t believe we lost baby.” You could hear pain in his voice. Marc hated loosing….no he wasn’t a sore loser, but when Barca doesn’t win a game he feels like it’s his fault. “I know Marc, sit here and I’ll bring your tea.” You cupped his face giving him a quick kiss. You poured his tea inside his favorite cup. You made sure to put a little sugar in it and a small spoon. “Thank you.” He whispered as you place the tea in front if him. You sat next to, leaning your head on his shoulder and rubbing his arm. Marc vented to you like he alway did when they lost. You listened carefully and even gave him some advice. Occasionally he’ll bring up how they would’ve won if you were there, which you highly doubt. “Come on…your bath is gonna get cold.” You walked with him upstairs, still trying to calm him down. He helped you undress and you did the same with him. The water was hot and calming. Marc moaned a little when he sat back. You smiled at his relax face and leaned your back against his bare wet chest. “Thank you for doing this.” Marc placed a kiss on your collar bone. “Stop saying thank you Marc.” You hated when he would thank you for stuff like this, you loved taking care of Marc. His hands rubbed your thigh under the hot water. You hummed to the voice of Michael jackson playing in the background. You both sat quietly listening yo the voice of the king of pop. Sometimes you two will play footsie together, which made you laugh due to the ticklish feeling. “I love you more then you will ever know Y/N.” Your heart feel to the pit of your stomach. Marc has never told you he loved you. “I love you Marc.” He turned your head towards his kissing you as if he’s life depended on it. ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️





"Why the hell is he here?!" After I told her not bring him, she decides to anyway. "Because he’s my brother Juliana." Rafa said walking into my house with her dick of a brother. I gave him my famous death glare as he walked pass me. "Hello to you too." His voice is so fucking annoying.

"Rafa you know I hate him." I shoved Neymar out of my way. "You guys should be nicer to eachother. You’re my best friend and big brother." Rafa grabbed my arm and pushed me Disney next to Neymar.

" I don’t want her sitting next to me." Is he fucking serious. "This is my house you ass." I flipped him off and headed to my room. "Your conceited ass brother better be out my house by the time I finish getting dress!" Rafa and I were suppose to have a girls night out but no! She had to bring her superstar brother.

Neymar and I always hated each other. It all started when we were at a party and he purposely spilled his drink on my brand new dress. When I asked why he did it, all he said was “because I didn’t like it.” Neymar has some serious issues. So now I have to spend my night out with Neymar jr.

I just got out the shower, when I heard a door shut. It’s probably Neymar leaving. I wrapped the towel tightly around my body and tip toed down the hallway. “It’s about time you came out.” Why the hell is he in here. “What the hell Neymar !”

I wrapped the towel tighter around my body. I ran to my closet, hiding my body from his eyes. “Don’t hide now Juliana.” He teased. He walked over to the closet. “Come on…I wanna talk.” What the hell those he wanna talk about. “Okay fine…I’ll talk. But let me change first.” He nodded with a smirk on his face and sat on the edge of my bed.

I dried off and realize the only thing that I was kissing was underwear. If I asked him he’ll most likely tease me. “N-Neymar can you please go in my top draw and….” I couldn’t even continue cause Neymar walked right to my dresser, opened up the top draw and grabbed a black thong. “No get a regular one.” There was no way I’m wearing that.

"Either you wear this or come out here yourself and get it." Ney through the lace material at me. "Ugh fine!" I shut the closet door and put the lace material on. I wore a pair of sweats and put on my FC Barca hoodie. "Don’t you look cute." I tried my best not to blush. "Shut up." I sat on bed, crossing my legs.

My bed pushed down as Neymar sat a little too close. “Is that my hoodie?” He pulled on the string. “Yours?” I could’ve sworn this was Rafa’s. “Yeah see.” He pulled on the sleeve of my right arm, showing me his initials. “Oh I’m sorry.” Now I feel like shit. “It’s okay, keep it….you look cute.” Why is he acting so nice to me.

“I’m sorry for acting like a dick to you.” Ney looked at me sincerely. “I’m sorry for being a bitch.” I admitted. Ney shocked his head. He laid his hands on my thigh. “Do you really hate me Juliana?” His finger trace random shapes on my leg. “Of course not Ney…I only say that cause you can be a dick sometimes.” I played with his hand. “Just to let you know…I don’t I hate you. I could never hate you, I like you too much Julianna.”

Did I hear that right. He likes me? Neymar likes me? “If you like me…why’d did you spill your drink on me, at the party?” I needed to know the answer, I mean it’s been a year since it happened. “You’re gonna think it’s stupid.” Ney said while blushing. “Just tell me.” I smiled and leaned my head on his shoulder.

"The dress you wore that night made me upset….I knew if you wore it all the guys at the club will be all over you." Ahhhh so he was jealous. Hmmm that’s kinda cute. "Well you didn’t have to drown me in your drink." Ney laughed and kissed my cheek. "Would it be okay if I took you out for dinner." He leaned his head on mine, making me blush at the close contact. "I would love to go to dinner with you." I guess he was happy with my answer cause he rewarded me with a heart melting kiss.






Today you were going to tell Neymar the big news you’ve been hiding for almost two months. You found out you were pregnant a month ago, when you went to the doctors for a regular check up. Of course you wanted to tell him right away, but you were actually nervous. He already has Davi and you didn’t think he would want another one. You’ve only been dating for two years and you guys never talked about having kids once.

You were in the kitchen cleaning up, when you heard keys come from the front. “Ney is that you?” You trine the water off, drying your hands on the rag near by. You scrunched your lips together when he didn’t answer you. “Ney, where are you?” He wasn’t in the living room. You walked into your shared bedroom and saw neymar in the middle of the room, with his arms behind his back.

The bedroom was decorated with glowing lights over the red walls, the floor was covered with purple roses. The room smelt like vanilla and pine cones. You were completely shock right now. You didn’t know what Neymar was doing right now, but you liked it.

"Ney what’s all this about?" You walked closer to your suspicious boyfriend. "I have something to tell you, but before I do. There’s something in the bathroom you must see." Neymar smiled at you. You were hesitant to go. "It’s nothing scary, I promise now go."

You opened the bathroom door to find the lights off and a few candles surrounding the mirror. Now you were seriously wondering what was up with neymar. You saw writing on the mirror and walked closer. You read what you assume Neymar wrote out loud:

I fell for you before I knew your name
As my footsteps approach you, it was already decided for us
I fell for you even before we exchanged our first words
Maybe it’s love…my predictions have never been wrong

You are perfect to me, and you always will be
If only you say yes everything will be perfect, forever
I will trust you, protect you, and comfort you
I’ll be on your side, I’ll never leave your side

You will always have my heart
Nothing will ever come between us
If you Y/N
Be mine forever

Tears were flowing down your eyes as you read the heartfelt later Neymar wrote. You headed at the bathroom and saw Neymar down on one knee with a red rose in his hand.

“Oh my god.” You walked closer, trying to catch your breath.
You couldn’t believe what you were seeing.

“Will you Y/N do the honors of being mine forever?” You looked down at the rose and saw a beautiful ring in the middle. “Yes!” You cried out. Neymar got up wrapping you in his arms. You could believe Neymar propose to you. You still had to tell him the news.

"Neymar I have something to tell you." Neymar wiped your cheeks free of tears. "What is it baby?"

"You’re gonna be a dad….Ney I’m two months pregnant" Neymar dropped down on his knees in tears. "I can’t believe it….I’m a dad, and I’m marrying you." You and Neymar were both crying, not sad tears but happy tears. You couldn’t wait for the future with Neymar.